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Guangdong Hwashi Technology Inc. was established in 2001. The headquarter is located in Hwashi industrial park in Huizhou. Hwashi is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling of resistance welding machine, automatic welding machine and an industrial robot. In the past 20 years, Hwashi has obtained more than 50 patents for invention patents, utility model patents, design patents, and software Copyrights. It is the drafting unit ...

The Best Services
  • Improve Product Quality

    When using automatic welding, the welding parameters of each solder joint are constant, the solder joint quality is less affected by human factors, and the requirements for the worker's operating technology are lowered, so the welding quality is stable.

  • Improve Welding Efficiency

    Automation of welding processes saves companies costs, increases efficiency and achieves rapid, sustainable growth. Significantly increase production efficiency while reducing the labor intensity of the operator.

  • Saving Expected Costs

    We have an experienced technical research and development team, 20 years of welding machine experience, 9 years of industrial robot design experience, to solve problems from the customer's product point of departure, to save budget and avoid wrong investment.

  • High Cost Performance

    To provide you with money-saving, suitable spot welding machine and welding robot, the raw materials are processed by imported materials from Germany, Japan and other countries. Factory direct selling price, no intermediate links in the primary source, let the benefit to customers, price concessions.

  • Product Quality Control

    Use professional technology to create quality products. The production process has undergone many specialized processes, precision processing of components, systematic body assembly, and strict aging test to ensure that each piece of equipment is a quality qualified product.

  • Service Support

    Arrive at the customer site for free installation and commissioning, provide one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance. Regional offices and service points have been set up in major cities across the country to respond quickly to customer needs and eliminate your worries.

Hot Products
Payload 8kg 1.4m Arm 6 Axis Welding Robot For Furniture

Payload 8kg 1.4m arm 6 axis welding robot for furniture performance is designed for welding the chair. Adopt 6 axis robot with MIG welder for automatic welding. Use the cylinder to clamp the workpiece. Use the lever principle to fix the product and ensure the location requirement for robotic automatic welding. Ensure each position could be welded and the fixture is designed with 2 sets in order to meet the production requirement.

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